Charlie’s place is your pet’s home away from home.

Mission Statement

At Charlie’s Place we believe that dogs are not our whole life…but they make our lives whole. We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, healthy place where dogs look forward to coming and where humans feel confident and comfortable leaving their furry family members for a few hours, a day, overnight, or longer. Charlie’s Place aims to be your dog’s ‘home away from home’.


We love dogs. We love their humans, too. And, we know that one of the most difficult and guilt-inducing decisions is where to board your furry four-legged family member when you just can’t be home.

We aim to provide a healthy, stress-free, fun place that dogs can’t wait to return to again and again and that also helps their humans to know they are safe, loved, exercised, and entertained.

Charlie’s Place isn’t a doggie spa. It’s not a kennel. Charlie’s place is your pet’s home away from home.

Why we started Charlie's Place

Looking around at the choices for dogs and their owners, we noticed that there’s mostly just two varieties: (1) “luxury” facilities that offer pet massage, pet aromatherapy, pet spiritual guidance, and pet pampering, or (2) impersonal, cold, institutional kennels.

Charlie and Ed wanted to offer dogs a place where they can be, well…dogs. A place where they can make friends, sniff stuff, romp, play, socialize with a pack, rest or nap, and experience an atmosphere similar to what they’d find at home – love, toys, fresh air, good food, pooch pals, and human caregivers who know and enjoy each dog personally.


A man holding his dog in the grass.

Ed Arias


“When I first met Ed, I was a bit of a mess. I had experienced some not-so-nice people and I’d moved from home to home a couple of times before. You could say that I had some ‘trust issues.’ Ed and his mate Faythe seemed OK when I met them, but I’d learned that you never can tell. I wasn’t going to let myself get too attached. It took some time before I realized just how terrific these two are. Ed was kind and patient and fun to be around. He helped coax me out of my shell and made me feel loved and safe. It wasn’t too long before I totally forgot to be worried and timid. Now, Ed and I are best friends. We do everything together. When Ed proposed that we start a place for other dogs to come play and have fun together, I thought it was a fantastic idea. We named it Charlie’s Place, after me. See? I told you he was pretty terrific.” 

“Charlie is my best friend. We’ve been side-by-side ever since he came to live with us, and caring for Charlie brings me some of the greatest joy in life. Together, we’ve opened Charlie’s Place to share that joy by offering other dogs (and their humans) a place to come stay that is fun, safe, healthy, and nurturing. We hope you love it as much as we do!” 

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