Full Day: $25
Half Day: $20

Daycare Packages

10 Day Full: $225
10 Day 1/2: $180

Boarding or Slumber Party

First Dog: $45 per night
First Add-on: $30 per night

Charlie’s Place does not offer Boarding Packages at this time.

Boarding rates at Charlie’s Place include all day daycare, as well as walks along the Truckee River weather permitting.  Please keep in mind that if it is raining, snowing, or very hot, we do not take them for walks.

We encourage parents to bring anything they feel will make their kids stay here more comfortable.  This includes, beds, blankets, a favorite stuffy, and even a shirt that smells like you!

If you forgot anything, or left it all at home, don’t worry, we can also provide all of these things at no extra cost to you!

We ask each new client to call us prior to any boarding or daycare visits, so that we can schedule them an appointment for an evaluation prior to playing in the daycare with the other dogs. Evaluations are $25 per dog.

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